Amla/ Henna / Reetha Powder ( set of 3 )

US$ 7.35US$ 7.7

Product 1 - AMLA POWDER - Strengthens and Conditions Hair - Packed with powerful hair friendly nutrients . Amla fortifies hair roots while preventing premature greying . Gives a dark tone to your hair Product 2- HENNA POWDER - Is a natural hair conditioner. Protects the hair strands by buiding a protective layer and locking the nutrients and moisture. Prevents DANDRUFF & SCALP ITCHING PRODUCT 3 - REETHA POWDER - Anti bacterial - Hence beneficial in cleansing scalp . Prevents dandruff . Directions for use : Make a smooth paste of Amla Henna and Reetha . Apply it on your hair and scalp like a hair pack. Wash off after 30 mins. It will darken your hair effectively while conditioning it . Net Wt : 100 gms

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