Handmade Lavender Bud Soap ( set of 2 )

US$ 4.9

BENEFITS : Natural handmade soap . Free of any chemicals . Made with lavender essential oil which is an effecive anti stress and anxiety ingredient . Full of antioxidants, it is great for slowing down aging and removing scars of acne and pimples. Lavender essential oil has a soothing fragrance which calms your senses , leaving you refreshed. FEATURES : Inspired by the multiple goodness of lavender essential oil and modern science. We have prepared a luxurious bathing bar for you. Lavender essential oil reduces stress and anxiety and treats insomnia . It also helps prevent frequent outbreaks of pimples and rashes. These are comparatively large bathing bars which will last you longer . DESCRIPTION : Made with lavender essential oil which has a pleasant and soothing fragrance . It helps treat various skin problems while gently cleansing your skin. Leaves you feeling and smelling gorgeous . Effectively moisturizes your skin. INGREDIENTS : lavender essential oil , coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide , aqua, glycerin, sucrose. DIRECTIONS TO USE : Wet yourself. Then lather the soap generously all over your body and face. Rinse with water.

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